Say No To Trans Fats



They are very unhealthy. You should always avoid it at any cost.

Unsaturated fats are mixed with hydrogen gas at a very high temperature so that it resembles saturated facts. That’s exactly how artificial trans fats are made. This is one of the annoying and inhuman processes and it is pretty surprising that people thought that these fats can be consumed by humans. It also leads to cholesterol problems and can minimize the good cholesterol.

The reason why many experts have advised patients to not consume such artificial fats is that it also causes abdominal obesity, inflammation problems, and insulin resistance. A recent survey has revealed that people who have consumed such fats have also become victims of depression. You should avoid it on any cause if you wish to live a happy and healthy life.

NOTE: They are chemically processed fats that can damage your body badly.




Vegetables are healthy. They are very good for your mind and body.

They are a major source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and different kind of nutrients which makes you healthy. It can also minimize the risk of any kind of diseases.

You should eat a lot of vegetables every day. Have a different kind of vegetables. They are healthy and will also add a lot of variety in your diet.

NOTE: Vegetables are a big source of nutrients. Eat vegetables every day.




Vitamin D is one of the unique vitamins. It plays the role of a steroid hormone in your body.

The skin will also start making vitamin D if it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays. That’s exactly how we get vitamin D every day. Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world where it is not available.

In many places, it’s raining all around the year and the sun doesn’t shine for a long time. Even when there is a sunny day, people prefer to stay inside and use sunscreen lotions even when they get out. Sunscreen can block the generation of Vitamin D in the skin.

If you’ve vitamin D deficiency, then there is a major hormone deficiency in your body, and it can lead to different kind of diseases i.e. cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. Keep all these great tips in mind to live a happy and healthy life.


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