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Romance movies are one of the most popular genres of movies. It has been loved by mostly women and some men too since the beginning of cinema. Many people wonder what is there in romantic movies that make them so appealing! Here are the top 5 reasons why I think romance movies are hugely popular and will continue to be in the future.

  1. Get in touch with your emotions

Humans are emotional creatures and people love to have experienced the emotions. Movies are a perfect medium for this. It feels good to cry or laugh and experience the emotional roller-coaster that romance movies provide. It is as if you are yourself experiencing the story as the character goes through the journey of finding love, falling in love and dealing with it.

  1. Watching a movie is easier than reading

While there are many people who love reading books. You have to admit it that they are not as popular as movies. The reason for this is simple. Reading is quite time-consuming, requires more effort and for many it is inefficient. We all are busy in our lives and most of us prefer watching over reading. Watching a movie provides the same amount of entertainment in less time. You can watch a movie with your loved one and share the experience with each other.

  1. Relate to the characters

Among all the romance movies, some are quite sappy while others are pretty realistic. Realistic movies are those in which people can relate to. Stories of young love or a lost love can spark up various emotions in people especially if it is similar to their own experiences. These people are able to appreciate the film better and relish in their own memories.

  1. Live the fantasy

This is one important but rarely mentioned the reason why people love romantic movies. The story of an average guy getting the most beautiful girl or a billionaire falling in love with a normal girl is a dream of everyone. We know these things don’t happen in real life and yet we all want to experience it. What better way to experience your fantasy than watch a movie about it? It is a nice escape from boring reality for about one and a half hour.

  1. Romance movies as a way to hint at your partner

Finally, many women love romance movies and use them as hints for the men in their lives as to what they should be doing in the relationship. They will watch a movie with their guy and have him take notes. Women love to be chased like they are in a romantic movie or be surprised by their partner or number of other things they show in a romantic movie.

Now you know why romance movies are loved so much! Next time you watch a romantic movie you can appreciate it better. If you are looking to go out with your partner, going for a romantic movie is the best choice. It will make the day of both you and your partner.

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