Indian Food P. II

  1. DALIA


Also known as BULGAR WHEAT or BROKEN WHEAT, this is definitely one of the most common and popular breakfast meals in every household. This is extremely rich in protein and has low fat. It also offers you with all the essential healthy nutrients and won’t make you fat no matter how much you have. This is one of the best substitutes for rice.


DALIA is very high on fiber, and therefore it can immediately delay the process of digestion. Because the amount of sugar is very less, it won’t get converted into fat. It is one of those digestion-boosting foods, which has fiber, manganese and Vitamin B to keep you full for a long time.


It’s also because of the presence of low glycemic index and calories in this veggie that makes it more appealing to people who’re trying hard to shed the extra kilos. You can also consume Dalia regularly.

There are different flavors of dalia available in the market i.e. tomato dalia, tangy dalia, vegetable dalia etc and so you won’t get bored even when you’re having it on a daily basis. It can be easily cooked within 15 minutes, and has the potential to be your best breakfast buddy. Click here for more info.



  1. SABJA


No, it’s not SABJI. You heard it right.


SABJA which is also known as BASIL SEEDS is very rich in vitamin A, B, E, K and an excellent source of dietary fiber. You should always have sabja before the meal because it will also help you avoid the overeating problems and control your constipation issues at the same time. They also have anti-bacterial properties which heals the internal infections easily.


Put a tablespoon of sabja in water and you will immediately see that it has expanded to 30 times its normal size. However, they only contain 21 calories. It is one of the best diet supplements, and will also kill your hungry cramps thus keeping you happy and satisfied all the time.





Well, it is consumed in different parts of the world and is one of the most healthy and nutritious drinks. It is made of yogurt and few spices which makes it more delicious. 100ml of buttermilk has 45 calories and you can also substitute it for snacks and any other sugar drinks. Keep all these tips in mind to stay fit all the time.


Good luck!

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