Eat Wisely – Not Healthy

Speaking of multiple small meals, another supposedly common sense method of controlling your weight through your food intake is maintaining a high metabolism by eating food more often but limiting the amount of food you ingest in total by shrinking the small meal size. This is more of a hit-or-miss measure to dieting. While it can work, there’s a much more straightforward strategy that is also more flexible: just watch your calorie intake. For people who have had success on the metabolism kick, it’s extremely likely that eating smaller meals throughout the day just resulted in them eating less food total. If you’re the type to eat a big meal regardless, then you’d just gain weight. If you want to eat healthily and be healthy, then it’s a good idea to just watch what goes in your mouth and regulate that.

Yet another misconception for attempting to eat healthily is to follow the food pyramid. Though the food pyramid was drilled into many adults during their schooling, it turns out that it is incredibly flawed. It seems as though food lobbyists played a huge role in developing the food pyramid, which is why carbohydrates are the most important part of the pyramid while fats are relegated to the very top, to be avoided at all costs. In actuality, the three main building blocks of your food intake are carbs, proteins, and fats. You just want to avoid some particularly bad fats, but consuming fat in otherwise balanced food is more acceptable. In addition, the grouping of food in the pyramid is rather simplistic. Red meat can be much worse for you than a plate of beans, but because of they both supply protein as their major nutrient, they are supposedly equal for you in terms of how much you should be eating of them.

Not only are misleading eating trends typically bad or useless for your health, but the same thinking can lead you to consume foods that masquerade as healthy but are in fact just as bad as the junk food you switch out for them. We’ve already covered diet soda, but drinks similar to vitamin water or many types of granola bars are not only just as bad as what they are made to replace, they are worse. These types of food and drink are almost literally candy and soda, but because of advertising, they are commonly consumed at a higher rate than their obviously less healthy counterparts.

In the end, if you wish to eat healthily and gain control over what your food does to your body, there is no magic bullet that will solve your problems easily. Eat less food if you gain weight, and make sure to keep a balanced diet of healthy foods. Meat, vegetables, and even the occasional candy bar in moderation are better than trying to replace your favorite junk foods with things that are just as sweet, and losing control because you think it’s a free pass.

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