6 Indian Foods That Will Help Lose Belly Fat


We all keep looking for different ways to reduce the fat, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Unfortunately, there are no as such miracles to shed the extra kilos you have. It is believed that Indian diet is one of the healthier diets compared to others. Indian food is quite helpful if your goal is to lose weight.


Now, in order to reduce weight, your daily calorie intake should always be less than the calories that gets burned every day. Though reducing belly fat is a daunting task, there are certain ways which can help you stay fit all the time. For instance, regular exercises, a healthy lifestyle, and of course a great balanced diet can help you accomplish your health goals.


That being said, here are the top Indian foods that will help you reduce your belly fat:-





More popularly, they are known as the CAROM SEEDS, which are fruit pods, with their unique taste and exceptional flavor available in the Indian kitchen. This is also one of the best remedies for different respiratory disorders, and they also help you relax if you have digestion related problems.


But do you know that ajwain seeds can also help you lose weight? What you need to do is boil the ajwain seeds in water and sip it all throughout the day. According to the health experts, “Ajwain is a kind of food which helps in food digestion and absorption”. Due to its less fat storage, it helps in losing weight.


In the morning, you should chew some carom seeds before breakfast. This will help your body release all the digestive juices which will later help in digesting your breakfast along with the food you had last night. It will immediately boost your metabolism, which helps in burning the fat quickly and easily.





This is one of the favorite foods of many people as it can be easily cooked and tastes yum with basmati rice. Do you know that moong daal is comprised of vitamin A, B, C and other minerals i.e. iron, calcium and potassium?


You must have heard the same from many dietitians and nutrition experts who advice moong daal to people who want to lose weight. This is one of the most brilliant foods which are extremely high in fiber and proteins. So you should try to have a bowl of moong daal every day.

Half cup of moong daal has 106 calories, so you can either have the daal during lunch or dinner with phulkas. It can also make your metabolism better, ensure a strong immune system and protect you against different kind of diseases.



  1. LAUKI


A lot of people also call it DHOODHI (and you can call anything whatever you feel like), and it has immense health benefits. It is not only rich in fiber, but also have 90% of water content. This is one of the most healthy vegetables which can help you deal with sleep related issues (more popularly known as insomnia) and digestive problems.


According to nutritionist experts, “Common food items which are easily available in home have loads of benefits including lauki i.e. absolutely fat free and keep your body hydrated all the time, further helping you in the process of digestion and weight loss”.


Along with all the other benefits, this green vegetable has vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium etc. Best for the hypertensive, it will also help you relax after the meal. Home cooked lauki have 73 calories. You can either take it as juice in the morning hours with an empty stomach or enjoy it in dinner.


As it is very low in calories, it helps in weight loss and also keep you nourished due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.


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