Say No To Trans Fats



They are very unhealthy. You should always avoid it at any cost.

Unsaturated fats are mixed with hydrogen gas at a very high temperature so that it resembles saturated facts. That’s exactly how artificial trans fats are made. This is one of the annoying and inhuman processes and it is pretty surprising that people thought that these fats can be consumed by humans. It also leads to cholesterol problems and can minimize the good cholesterol.

The reason why many experts have advised patients to not consume such artificial fats is that it also causes abdominal obesity, inflammation problems, and insulin resistance. A recent survey has revealed that people who have consumed such fats have also become victims of depression. You should avoid it on any cause if you wish to live a happy and healthy life.

NOTE: They are chemically processed fats that can damage your body badly.




Vegetables are healthy. They are very good for your mind and body.

They are a major source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants and different kind of nutrients which makes you healthy. It can also minimize the risk of any kind of diseases.

You should eat a lot of vegetables every day. Have a different kind of vegetables. They are healthy and will also add a lot of variety in your diet.

NOTE: Vegetables are a big source of nutrients. Eat vegetables every day.




Vitamin D is one of the unique vitamins. It plays the role of a steroid hormone in your body.

The skin will also start making vitamin D if it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays. That’s exactly how we get vitamin D every day. Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world where it is not available.

In many places, it’s raining all around the year and the sun doesn’t shine for a long time. Even when there is a sunny day, people prefer to stay inside and use sunscreen lotions even when they get out. Sunscreen can block the generation of Vitamin D in the skin.

If you’ve vitamin D deficiency, then there is a major hormone deficiency in your body, and it can lead to different kind of diseases i.e. cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis etc. Keep all these great tips in mind to live a happy and healthy life.


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Indian Food P. II

  1. DALIA


Also known as BULGAR WHEAT or BROKEN WHEAT, this is definitely one of the most common and popular breakfast meals in every household. This is extremely rich in protein and has low fat. It also offers you with all the essential healthy nutrients and won’t make you fat no matter how much you have. This is one of the best substitutes for rice.


DALIA is very high on fiber, and therefore it can immediately delay the process of digestion. Because the amount of sugar is very less, it won’t get converted into fat. It is one of those digestion-boosting foods, which has fiber, manganese and Vitamin B to keep you full for a long time.


It’s also because of the presence of low glycemic index and calories in this veggie that makes it more appealing to people who’re trying hard to shed the extra kilos. You can also consume Dalia regularly.

There are different flavors of dalia available in the market i.e. tomato dalia, tangy dalia, vegetable dalia etc and so you won’t get bored even when you’re having it on a daily basis. It can be easily cooked within 15 minutes, and has the potential to be your best breakfast buddy. Click here for more info.



  1. SABJA


No, it’s not SABJI. You heard it right.


SABJA which is also known as BASIL SEEDS is very rich in vitamin A, B, E, K and an excellent source of dietary fiber. You should always have sabja before the meal because it will also help you avoid the overeating problems and control your constipation issues at the same time. They also have anti-bacterial properties which heals the internal infections easily.


Put a tablespoon of sabja in water and you will immediately see that it has expanded to 30 times its normal size. However, they only contain 21 calories. It is one of the best diet supplements, and will also kill your hungry cramps thus keeping you happy and satisfied all the time.





Well, it is consumed in different parts of the world and is one of the most healthy and nutritious drinks. It is made of yogurt and few spices which makes it more delicious. 100ml of buttermilk has 45 calories and you can also substitute it for snacks and any other sugar drinks. Keep all these tips in mind to stay fit all the time.


Good luck!

6 Indian Foods That Will Help Lose Belly Fat


We all keep looking for different ways to reduce the fat, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Unfortunately, there are no as such miracles to shed the extra kilos you have. It is believed that Indian diet is one of the healthier diets compared to others. Indian food is quite helpful if your goal is to lose weight.


Now, in order to reduce weight, your daily calorie intake should always be less than the calories that gets burned every day. Though reducing belly fat is a daunting task, there are certain ways which can help you stay fit all the time. For instance, regular exercises, a healthy lifestyle, and of course a great balanced diet can help you accomplish your health goals.


That being said, here are the top Indian foods that will help you reduce your belly fat:-





More popularly, they are known as the CAROM SEEDS, which are fruit pods, with their unique taste and exceptional flavor available in the Indian kitchen. This is also one of the best remedies for different respiratory disorders, and they also help you relax if you have digestion related problems.


But do you know that ajwain seeds can also help you lose weight? What you need to do is boil the ajwain seeds in water and sip it all throughout the day. According to the health experts, “Ajwain is a kind of food which helps in food digestion and absorption”. Due to its less fat storage, it helps in losing weight.


In the morning, you should chew some carom seeds before breakfast. This will help your body release all the digestive juices which will later help in digesting your breakfast along with the food you had last night. It will immediately boost your metabolism, which helps in burning the fat quickly and easily.





This is one of the favorite foods of many people as it can be easily cooked and tastes yum with basmati rice. Do you know that moong daal is comprised of vitamin A, B, C and other minerals i.e. iron, calcium and potassium?


You must have heard the same from many dietitians and nutrition experts who advice moong daal to people who want to lose weight. This is one of the most brilliant foods which are extremely high in fiber and proteins. So you should try to have a bowl of moong daal every day.

Half cup of moong daal has 106 calories, so you can either have the daal during lunch or dinner with phulkas. It can also make your metabolism better, ensure a strong immune system and protect you against different kind of diseases.



  1. LAUKI


A lot of people also call it DHOODHI (and you can call anything whatever you feel like), and it has immense health benefits. It is not only rich in fiber, but also have 90% of water content. This is one of the most healthy vegetables which can help you deal with sleep related issues (more popularly known as insomnia) and digestive problems.


According to nutritionist experts, “Common food items which are easily available in home have loads of benefits including lauki i.e. absolutely fat free and keep your body hydrated all the time, further helping you in the process of digestion and weight loss”.


Along with all the other benefits, this green vegetable has vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium etc. Best for the hypertensive, it will also help you relax after the meal. Home cooked lauki have 73 calories. You can either take it as juice in the morning hours with an empty stomach or enjoy it in dinner.


As it is very low in calories, it helps in weight loss and also keep you nourished due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.



Look out for Calories:


You may be noticing that i am repeating the “calorie” term through out the article. But it is really very very important to look out for each and every cause regarding your problem and we are doing the same.


Kindly observe your food table and note which foods are giving you the unnecessary calorie gifts. Simply cut them down. If you can’t, then try to avoid those one by one. That would help surely.


We know that calories stand a part of our survival, but this is what we can do currently to lose weight. There are other elements like protein, fibers on whom we can depend.


Crash Diet : This is the most rapid diet i have ever came across. In normal days we often inhale calories up to 1500-2000. but this one is lil different than that. Crash diet only consists of 700 calories which is pretty much awesome to have.


Fruit and juice are the only thing you can have with this crash diet. Make sure you are having a proper guide by healthcare expert before continuing any diet. If you are willing to have some sweats and good results, then you should go for it.


Another great input toward this article:


If you have heard of The Military Diet, then go for it. People looking out for rapid plans to to lose eye-catching weight in just a week would find it very useful. This only takes just three days to show you the effects.


“Foods included in Military Diet:


Breakfast- Sliced toast with peanut butter, 1 cup tea/ coffee, fruits (grapes recommended)

Lunch- Toast with peanut butter, coffee/ tea, and ½ cup tuna.

Dinner: Any meat, beans, one banana, one apple and 1 cup ice- cream.”

Tip- Only take three meals in the whole day in the Military diet.


If you can, then do minimum 1 hour of exercise every day. You can work out running, swim, bicycling and gym exercises for this. Whatever you do make sure that it only points out things related to weight lose.


Exercising also shapes up your body and helps you keep strong and improves calmness. Go for regular check ups in intervals of time and feel the difference. Try out different home based task that you do by machines, but not at this time. Do that on your own.


Body wrappers are available everywhere in leading e-comm store. Wearing them will give you excellent out puts.They increase the heat level in the body and make you more sweat. And more sweating means more calorie burning. And what else do we need?


If these all goes as planned you will surely turn into a macho man or a bikini girl. Never mind that.


Don’t take any risk which will increase the negative changes. Drink a lot of water and carry out the other important terms narrated in this article. Just believe that weight loss is not a problem which you can’t afford.


Finally. along with these always take a good night’s sleep. This will give you the power to resist the weakness, let your body rest and restore for the next day. And I bet these all will make you relieved than previous sessions.


Best Foods

Keeping yourself healthy seems to be increasingly difficult in today’s era. People are confused what they should and should not eat. This is why in this article I want to make it simple for you.


If you have found a better and reliable way to maintain your weight and food styles, then it is good. But it doesn’t makes sense until you go through them or understand it properly. Because Diet makes us survive on our own in this lovely world. So we need to be careful about what we see and what food do we eat.


For you to know, Food habits do differ a lot. Basically, it happens due to community guidelines or mentality. Let me describe it in short and we’ll discuss proper diet to lose weight.


Foodies do exist in variations of two. Vegan Or Non-vegan. And that’s why diets vary too.

As searching for a better plan to lose weight, Diet is a certain thing you can’t avoid. And here is a list of Food Diet you should follow to do so.


List of Diets:

  • Vegetable diets.
  • Weight control diets.
  • Crash Diets.


Those may seem similar to if you are going through any Vlogs before. Sticking to these will lead you toward the better improvement of your desired body shape.


Vegetarian Diets: It clarifies from the name itself. Yes, it is all based on vegetables and varies in basis like Lacto-vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo vegetarian, Ovo vegetarian, pesto vegetarian, etc. This diet will surely regain nutrition level in your body.


This is so good because of the factors behind it. Relying on a vegetable diet is very profitable at the moment due to its very lavish factors.


It does increase Fiber, cellulose, and common vitamins when consumed repeatedly. And cut off danger factors like stroke, sugar problems, and other health issues.


Weight Control Diet: Overloaded calories do increase weight in your body when reached max level. So this diet is intended to control your weight level in your body.


The programs in this plan are intended to obstruct food source into your body. By which you will burn calories and get rid of stored fats off your body by utilizing them. There is step by step processes for Weight control diet.


Avoid junk food:


Avoid junk foods to say no to calories. Calories are the elements which make it so messy. You must take necessary steps to avoid junks. Meanwhile, they can cause various health problems like stroke risk, extra fat, and other unrelated things to weight. But you must cut Junks off your food menu to stay away from such dangers.

Have Fast:


Having a fast is not a bad option at all as everyone thinks. During this fasting period, your body leans on extra calories stored as fats. If you can’t afford to fast, then please do minimize your menu which will act great.

Romance & Food

Romance movies are one of the most popular genres of movies. It has been loved by mostly women and some men too since the beginning of cinema. Many people wonder what is there in romantic movies that make them so appealing! Here are the top 5 reasons why I think romance movies are hugely popular and will continue to be in the future.

  1. Get in touch with your emotions

Humans are emotional creatures and people love to have experienced the emotions. Movies are a perfect medium for this. It feels good to cry or laugh and experience the emotional roller-coaster that romance movies provide. It is as if you are yourself experiencing the story as the character goes through the journey of finding love, falling in love and dealing with it.

  1. Watching a movie is easier than reading

While there are many people who love reading books. You have to admit it that they are not as popular as movies. The reason for this is simple. Reading is quite time-consuming, requires more effort and for many it is inefficient. We all are busy in our lives and most of us prefer watching over reading. Watching a movie provides the same amount of entertainment in less time. You can watch a movie with your loved one and share the experience with each other.

  1. Relate to the characters

Among all the romance movies, some are quite sappy while others are pretty realistic. Realistic movies are those in which people can relate to. Stories of young love or a lost love can spark up various emotions in people especially if it is similar to their own experiences. These people are able to appreciate the film better and relish in their own memories.

  1. Live the fantasy

This is one important but rarely mentioned the reason why people love romantic movies. The story of an average guy getting the most beautiful girl or a billionaire falling in love with a normal girl is a dream of everyone. We know these things don’t happen in real life and yet we all want to experience it. What better way to experience your fantasy than watch a movie about it? It is a nice escape from boring reality for about one and a half hour.

  1. Romance movies as a way to hint at your partner

Finally, many women love romance movies and use them as hints for the men in their lives as to what they should be doing in the relationship. They will watch a movie with their guy and have him take notes. Women love to be chased like they are in a romantic movie or be surprised by their partner or number of other things they show in a romantic movie.

Now you know why romance movies are loved so much! Next time you watch a romantic movie you can appreciate it better. If you are looking to go out with your partner, going for a romantic movie is the best choice. It will make the day of both you and your partner.

Twinkies Disastrous Effects

Popularized by movies like Zombieland, some people believe that Twinkies will last forever (or twenty years) because they’re made with artificial ingredients of the highest degree. Ultimately, the truth is much less interesting. Twinkies are basically small cakes. Same ingredients as any other cake. Twinkies do have an ingredient or two to increase their shelf life, but it isn’t as dramatic as people would have you believe; when the apocalypse hits, you have about a month until all the Twinkies in the world expire.

Even some experienced cooks are victims of this false belief: alcohol used in cooking doesn’t always evaporate. In fact, nearly ninety percent of the alcohol you use in cooking a particular dish could remain in it after you’re done, depending on how long you cook it for. In order to ensure that all the alcohol has been evaporated out of the food, you have to cook it for three hours. While the amount of alcohol in a given dish is unlikely to be enough to alarm anyone cooking with it, it is still helpful to remember that you are indeed drinking if you eat such a dish.

Speaking of the effects of cooking food, the microwave is often looked down on. Food can often taste weird when it’s reheated with the microwave, and most people who microwave food to cook it aren’t seasoning it, so the food that goes through it has gotten a reputation for being a bit bland. Wort of all, a popular myth is that a microwave can get rid of some of the nutrients in food, breaking the food down during the cooking process. Thankfully, the opposite is the case. Microwaves heat food the most efficiently and quickly out of all the other cooking methods, with less heat required. In fact, they preserve the most nutritional value of the food heated in them. It may not be looked upon as sophisticated, but for health value, the microwave can’t be beat.

Cooking meat can be nearly religious to some people. Everyone always has some sort of nugget of barbecue wisdom to impart, or rules that they live by when cooking. One such rule is that pork is always well done, or you risk food poisoning. While this has been true in the far past, we now have such comprehensive food standards that it is simply unnecessary to cook pork only to well done. Most cases of trichinosis, the disease of undercooked meat, stem from wild game now. In addition, don’t sear your steak unless you prefer the hard crust on the outside. It does nothing to lock in flavor or moisture; it just creates a contrast between the inside and outside of the meat.

When you dispel these common food myths, not only can you help your family and friends, but gain some peace of mind; you don’t have to hear about false food wisdom, and you’re better informed.

Food Myths

Many people believe most myths they grow up hearing about food before they even realize how silly the myths are. The following is a list of food myths broken down to their truths. You may not be surprised by all of them, but most people believe one or two of these at least in some point in your lifetime.

When people get into their post-Thanksgiving nap, expect someone to quote the popular myth that turkey specifically makes you sleepy. If they’ve read up on it, they may even suggest that a particular chemical in turkey, tryptophan, gets converted into the neurochemicals that make you sleepy, and so after you eat a bunch, you get drowsy. They’re almost correct. Turkey does contain tryptophan, and if you eat a lot of turkeys, you’ll get sleepy. But the amount of this chemical isn’t really enough to alter your alertness. You get tired after eating a lot of turkeys because you’ll get tired after eating a lot of anything. Your body just takes a break and focuses on digesting all that food you just took in.

Another myth isn’t so much about the food as it is the animal that has to be killed before it can be made into food. Namely, lobsters. Most people get pretty freaked out when they first see a lobster being boiled, as they hear what sounds like a scream from the lobsters as they are dropped into the boiling water. Contrary to popular belief, they are not screaming. They aren’t even in much pain, as they lack the necessary nervous system complexity to have much of a capacity for pain. The sound you hear is the steam inside a lobster’s shell escaping. When they are heated so rapidly, there is nowhere for the steam to exit the shell slowly. In much the same fashion as a tea kettle, the rapid movement of air creates a loud sound that can sound like screeching.

When people diet, they may sometimes seek out negative calorie foods. That is, they try to find food that takes more calories to digest than it gives the body. While this works, the basis for the diet is untrue. Your body does burn calories throughout the day to keep you alive. On average, you’ll burn 2000 calories doing absolutely nothing but living. But the actual process of digestion requires barely any calories at all. You can’t eat a ton of celery and lose weight because you’ll eventually gain more calories than you burn through your metabolism.

Another healthy eating myth is that fresh is always better. Again, right in principle, but wrong in practice. If you’re growing your food and directly harvesting and eating it, then yes, fresh is better. However, fresh food purchased from supermarkets is likely less good for you than canned or frozen veggies. You have to keep in mind that “fresh” vegetables have traveled many miles to get to you, losing nutrients all along the way. If the vegetables are frozen or canned, they’re preserved in every sense of the word. No nutritional value is lost in transit, and it’s likely cheaper to boot.


Eat Wisely – Not Healthy

Speaking of multiple small meals, another supposedly common sense method of controlling your weight through your food intake is maintaining a high metabolism by eating food more often but limiting the amount of food you ingest in total by shrinking the small meal size. This is more of a hit-or-miss measure to dieting. While it can work, there’s a much more straightforward strategy that is also more flexible: just watch your calorie intake. For people who have had success on the metabolism kick, it’s extremely likely that eating smaller meals throughout the day just resulted in them eating less food total. If you’re the type to eat a big meal regardless, then you’d just gain weight. If you want to eat healthily and be healthy, then it’s a good idea to just watch what goes in your mouth and regulate that.

Yet another misconception for attempting to eat healthily is to follow the food pyramid. Though the food pyramid was drilled into many adults during their schooling, it turns out that it is incredibly flawed. It seems as though food lobbyists played a huge role in developing the food pyramid, which is why carbohydrates are the most important part of the pyramid while fats are relegated to the very top, to be avoided at all costs. In actuality, the three main building blocks of your food intake are carbs, proteins, and fats. You just want to avoid some particularly bad fats, but consuming fat in otherwise balanced food is more acceptable. In addition, the grouping of food in the pyramid is rather simplistic. Red meat can be much worse for you than a plate of beans, but because of they both supply protein as their major nutrient, they are supposedly equal for you in terms of how much you should be eating of them.

Not only are misleading eating trends typically bad or useless for your health, but the same thinking can lead you to consume foods that masquerade as healthy but are in fact just as bad as the junk food you switch out for them. We’ve already covered diet soda, but drinks similar to vitamin water or many types of granola bars are not only just as bad as what they are made to replace, they are worse. These types of food and drink are almost literally candy and soda, but because of advertising, they are commonly consumed at a higher rate than their obviously less healthy counterparts.

In the end, if you wish to eat healthily and gain control over what your food does to your body, there is no magic bullet that will solve your problems easily. Eat less food if you gain weight, and make sure to keep a balanced diet of healthy foods. Meat, vegetables, and even the occasional candy bar in moderation are better than trying to replace your favorite junk foods with things that are just as sweet, and losing control because you think it’s a free pass.

Debunk Healthy Diets

When it comes to healthy eating, it seems that the one way to truly get the results you want is to eat nutritious food in moderation. Yet, having the necessary self-control and discipline to make the switch from sweets and junk food can be hard enough that everyone has seen or heard of at least a few diets that seem to offer shortcuts. Unfortunately, nearly all of the tips that would seek to let you stay healthy without eating healthy are false. At their most benign, many healthy eating shortcuts or common-sense food myths simply guide you to eat certain foods and shun others, with no effects. At their worst, diet fads can be dangerous to follow or be detrimental to your health and well-being.

One particularly common shortcut to healthy eating is the relatively recent trend of drinking sugar-free versions of sodas with your food. People of course naturally believe this, because it seems straightforward that eliminating an overly common component of your food from at least part of your meals appears to be a good thing. However, the effects of replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners can be surprising. Granted, many claims of the effects of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are blown out of proportion. However, one notable effect of essentially tricking your body is that the trick works too well: your body produces the insulin necessary to process the influx of sugar expected, yet it does not receive that sugar. What follows is your body absorbing more sugar (just from the other foods you eat instead of the soda that lacks it) and more food cravings for that wanted sugar. Essentially, your aim to take in the same amount of food with less sugar can result in wanting, even more, food, with more sugar to meet your deficit.

It seems ingrained into the public consciousness that it’s healthier to eat food earlier in the day rather than eating a big meal in the evening, and that a small breakfast can help you to get the day started right and make healthier decisions, food-wise. However, it seems as though this is blatantly false. Eating in the evening is often thought of as providing your body calories that it can’t burn in time, essentially stocking up only fat right before bed. Instead, eating a big meal in the evening can rewire your hunger. Once you get into the habit of eating later in the day, your body learns that evening is mealtime.

With repeated eating in the evening, your body will begin to produce the hormones in the evening, making you hungry for your impending big meal, but will hold off on badgering you for food for the rest of the day. And with breakfast, the same logic holds: instead of eating a small meal and having to follow it up throughout the day with more food, eating a big breakfast can hold you over for the majority of the day and enable you to stay healthier, provided you only eat if you are hungry, and ignore traditional meal times that determine when you eat your food.